Akashic Record Clearing & Soul Blueprint Realignment.

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The Souls Blueprint

Discover your Souls Blueprint, divine gifts and talents that have perhaps lay dormant until now, your true divine nature!

Your Choices

It is through our choices that we shape our own experience. The choices we make will always create a consequence which can in turn often create negative patterns that keep us from manifesting the things we want most in life, running in the background like a silent unseen program.

Blocks & Restrictions

Blocks and restrictions that can keep us in unwanted holding patterns for decades and even lifetimes can be cleared in the Akashic Records!


Clearing blocks and restrictions in the Akashic Records clears the way for us to to step into our divine gifts and talents! and the freedom to manifest abundance and fulfilment in our lives!

Choosing Differently

Akashic record clearing empowers us to now make new choices that support a new way forward. This is where the real Magic Happens!


Freedom from blocks and restrictions will allow you to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life!


Connect with Soul Blueprints!